Keeping pace with technology is nearly an impossible task. We are here to help.
Keeping up with technology.
Some days it feels like we can't keep up with technology, and other days we are wondering when the next big tech thing is going to hit the market. Either way, if you are working in communications, it is a constant grind to keep up with every algorithm change, and its affect on your work.

This week, we curated great material around emails, blogs, and the future of tech. Take a moment to read them, apply them, and share them.



1. Tried and true email subject lines.

2. Cryptocurrency, Zuckerburg, and the church. What?

3. Get found, blog edition.

4. Summer reading.

5. FREE, just for you.

Tried and true email subject lines.
Perhaps the most important part in writing an email is the subject line. Some might say it's where you should spend the majority of your time and effort.

Either way, the goal is to get your readers to open your email. Otherwise, all that work you've been doing to grow your email list is wasted. We found a list of the best 42 email subject lines shared by marketers. Take a look.

Cryptocurrency, Zuckerburg, and the church. What?
Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is diving into the world of cryptocurrency. They aren't alone. Partnering with them on this venture are Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Lyft, Uber and others. While it feels a little funny to see "church" and "cryptocurrency" in the same sentence, the truth is the way we handle money is changing. Click the button below to read more about it from our friends at the Church Communications blog.
Get found, blog edition.
With all the blogs out there, it can be hard to stand out and get found. Do you have a link building strategy? This is an essential part of the puzzle for your great content getting more exposure. Read this recent post about 6 link building strategies for blogs, and give them a try.
Summer reading.
On the .BIBLE blog, we recently wrote about what happens when churches read the Bible as a community. If your church is thinking about doing a Bible reading plan together, make sure to check it out.

FREE, just for you.
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