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8 Approved Tips for DIY Public Relations
When you’re ready to promote a church event or a new program in your organization, you want to target your contacts and followers, but also the community at large. And since most of us aren’t in the celebrity gossip business, gaining attention can be a challenge.
3 Helpful Truths for E-Commerce Success
Sales models have changed drastically in the past couple of decades, and continue to change with each technological advancement. Are you aware of digital sales trends and how easy it can be to keep up?
How to Get Noticed by Gen-Zers
These young adults have faint memories of a world without screens, and are fearless about conducting life online. This demographic is full of qualified prospects, and it’s time to get creative about getting their attention.
How To Use Facebook Messenger Like A Pro
The world is becoming more automated and your audience is ready for it. Have you shied away from automating some of your communication, for fear of not being personal enough? Are you responding manually to every Facebook inquiry?
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At WD.Bible, Mandarin speakers will find the Chinese-language Bible in digital form with traditional Chinese characters. Site visitors can access and search the Bible with mobile devices, tablets or traditional computers.



For Indian languages, Indian.Bible is the online portal for Bible-related activities connected to the Bible Society of India.
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3 Organizations Finding Brand Clarity with One Website Hack
With almost 2 billion websites in existence, how can an organization’s brand and website stand out in the crowded landscape? Many organizations have solved this problem by finding a digital home in a new neighborhood.
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