Tuning in to the Outcomes Conference today? Join us @ CONNECTION CENTRAL 1-2:30pm EDT / 12-1:30pm CDT. You'll get to meet the American Bible Society team! We’d love to connect with you and see how we might be able to serve you during this conference and beyond.

Join Kenny Jahng as he leads a Communications session at the Outcomes Conference this afternoon. It’s a noisy frontier online— as every organization is finding out during this pandemic— but there’s a way for your brand to stand out and for your organization to WIN.

Find out how to tie your internet presence to your God-given mission with Kenny’s session Winning the Internet with Microsites.


Winning the internet starts with your domain.

It’s your welcome mat, and the first place your audience enters into a conversation with you. The more clarified your brand is, the more effective you’ll be. And the more effective you are, the more your mission is seen and heard.

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