July 2018
Top Ranking .BIBLE Websites of 2018
Using a relevant domain name for Bible-inspired sites can help them to rank higher in search results.

Look at these 12 websites of .BIBLE ministry partners that are ranking as the #1 search result on Google.
Language.Bible Could Reach 500 Million More Next Year
Although it’s easy to find Scriptures and Bible study resources in English online, people cannot find Bible content in many other languages like Soga (Uganda) or Lisu (China).

The Language.Bible project is working towards the goal of making the Bible available online for every language. With over 7,000 languages in the world, there's a lot of work yet to be done.

Learn more about the Language.Bible project is going and how you can help >
Infographic: 5 Questions about the New Domain Extensions
New domain extensions, like .BIBLE, have been around on the internet for several years now. Here are the most common questions we're hearing, including those about SEO (search engine optimization), with answers beautifully presented in an infographic.
download infographic
Do You Want Greater Impact?
Our mission is to empower your organization and its Bible-inspired initiatives to gain more impact with a .BIBLE web address. Let's connect by phone or video call and start a discussion—because we’re listening! Contact DJ Chuang at to talk about how to expand your marketing strategies and tactics.
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