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5 Myths You’ve Heard About Live Streaming
Live streaming sounds intimidating — like you’re posing as a news reporter or covering a concert. Spoiler alert: it’s not! Is it time to add live streaming to your marketing plan?
4 Steps To Get The Attention of Your Audience
We’re well into the 21st century, and the competition for our attention is fierce, especially online. With almost 2 billion websites in existence, how can you get noticed by your distracted customers?
Harnessing Technology, Privacy, and Taking the Nations
In a recent Future.Bible podcast, our very own Kenny Jahng talked with Adam Smith, the chief evangelist of Hillsong Technology, about applying business practices to church leadership and how to make progress on Jesus’ mandate to make disciples of all nations.
Don’t Miss This: Free Bible Courses For All
At Classroom.Bible, a new learning experience is being offered by the creators of The Bible Project.
4 Websites That Have Discovered One Simple Brand Clarity Hack
What does a young web developer and an online Bible trivia game have in common? These entrepreneurs and others have discovered brand clarity online with their .BIBLE domain address.
CLA Guest Article:
Brand Clarity with One Website Hack By Scott Wennermark
Check out our featured blog article on the Christian Leadership Alliance blog! Scott Wennermark talks about 3 organizations that have found brand clarity with one website hack.
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